Lemon Curd Scones

I’m on a scones roll these days! The reason is quite simple, really – that if I want something baked to go with my afternoon coffee, it won’t take forever and possible already be too late for coffee by the time it’s done….

Most of us agree that yeasted baked goods are the best, especially in wintertime, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or the patience to wait for that dough to rise – right?

So this is where the scones come in. It’s quick and easy, and there are countless variations. This time, for me, it started by  having leftover lemon curd from my birthday cake. What I really was craving were lemon curd buns – I’ve never had them, but I imagine they must be good and one day soon I’ll make them, promise – but I digress. I was craving lemon curd buns, but didn’t have the aforementioned time nor patience – enter the lemon curd scones. I made the scones dough, pressed it out to a rectangle and treated it like I would a cinnamon bun dough, only with lemon curd.

And it was a success! At least according to myself and the person who came for coffee that day!