Butter Cookies with Mandarin Oranges

Butter Cookies with Mandarin Oranges

Well, it’s already the 2nd Sunday of Advent! I’m going to spare you the *how did it happen so fast*-talk etc etc (although we all think it), and in stead say that I’m getting more and more into Christmas Spirit every day. Yesterday I went to the opening of the Christmas Marked in Ålesund, which is conveniently located in an old tunnel between two parts of town (writing it down it sounds dodgy, but it really isn’t) – and it was really nice!🎄. I bought a few things and a few things inspired me to try my own version (apple-gløgg!) so it was win-win!


Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Cupcakes with decoration

Happy First Sunday of Advent!

In Norway, the four Sundays of Advent are marked, if not celebrated. Most homes has a wreath with four candles, or a modernised version of it, and often, a poem will accompany the lighting of the first candle. I tried to find a translation of the most popular one, by Norwegian poet Inger Hagerup, but I couldn’t find one, please let me know if you know of a source.



When life gives you lemons….

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Make lemonade…..

Finally I have come so far that I can relaunch my blog! I missed having a creative channel
amidst the relocation from Switzerland and the adaptation to our new life, so I'm lookin
forward to blogging again!. In addition, I am going to write in Norwegian too, which is
a bit scary and more personal 😬. I'm in the process of translating my posts to English, so
bare with me as I move forward, and send me a message if you need a quick translation!

Wish me luck!